Transportation for a Museum tour

Museum tour

Renting a party bus does not need to mean that it needs to be only for a party or hopping bars during the night. We are a group of 30 people; some of them are my best friends and some of them I barely know. Anyway, it is a group that gathers together twice a month to go and visit museums.
The next trip was in a city where is known by the museums and there were a lot of them. We thought about going with a taxi or a public bus from museum to museum, but when we calculated the price wasn’t suitable. But, not just the price, traveling with a public bus or taxi is very boring, so we needed some kind of transpiration to be comfortable especially because the outside was very hot.

Price rate

We search on the internet for transportation that is good for 30 people. What came up surprised everyone. Party bus an actually be used to go on a museum tour. We needed the bus to be available for us 12 hours for Monday. Here we got benefits because Monday is cheaper day and as the hours goes up the price slightly goes down. We only needed to pay about $1500 for the party bus. When divided to 30 people the price is nothing, $50 each. It is a lot cheaper than to go with a taxi.

Other than a fair price rate, we got all the features. We had cold refreshments, air conditioner, large LCD TV, great lights and the best feature luxury comfort. All of this was included in the price.
At the end of the trip, we all become friends. Now we always rent a party bus for our museum tours. It is a lot cheaper and more comfortable and also safe because you know a professional is driving.

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Best rates when going shopping with a party bus

The Party Bus will be with you

There isn’t a city that is not good to go out for shopping. I have eight friends that we all enjoy shopping together and in style. Once a month we rent a party bus so to have a great and relaxed shopping all day long. From so many great places to shop in my city, it is hard to choose from. Sometimes we chose the destination and sometimes we let the company chose for us some great shops to visit. This kind of transportation gives is more advantages but the important thing we are entraining ourselves between destinations.
When you plan to make your shopping interesting and fun, then you will need a professional transportation. When you are driving you the traffic will make you crazy and as well as stressful, but driving in a party bus you won’t feel that. Instead, make a shopping trip that won’t be forgotten for a long time. Make your shopping day special, because it is. What you buy that day will reflect you so you need to be relaxed to choose the one that will show you in the brightest light.

Experience luxury with the features of party buses

As I mentioned earlier, you won’t be dealing with the traffic that is surrounding the shopping areas. You won’t need to worry about who will drive home so you will have the chance to drink relaxed. Best of all, you will experience the city on a luxury leather seating. Walking on the bus surrounded with all the shopping bags you will feel like a star, like a celebrity. I can assure you once you try going shopping with a party bus you will want to go again as soon as possible.

What features has a party bus? Well, usually depends on the company that you will choose. However, the buses usually have, large TVs, DVD players, sound system, decorative neon lights, hardwood footing, tinted windows and a lot more. You will be sure, like you have never been before, I can tell. You will be out there shopping driven by a luxury party bus with all of your favorite and best friends. Don’t think a lot call the company you like and make a reservation and experienced it for you.

All the above is for a very affordable price rates. Especially if you rent a bus for a longer time, you will get it for a lower hourly rate.

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The price rates for Party Buses

Tell everything before getting a quote

Party Bus Chicago can come in different competitive pricing for amazing party buses. As a long term worker at a company for party bus rental, I can tell you all what you need to know when you are planning to get a party bus. When you are calling or coming to the company to ask for prices, you need you to keep in mind some things if you want the process to go easy, fast and smoothly. In order to get an accurate quote, be sure to tell the company when you will need the service, how many passengers will there be and where do you plan to go. With these information, you will get quote completely made out for you, your needs and interests. Usually the prices that the companies are offering depend on the hours. But, of course, there are other factors that will affect the price like, bus size, day, number of hours and more. So, all you need to do is to call and get a precise price quote.

If you are planning to stay in one place all night, the party bus company will give you a lower rate just to pick up and drop off. Comparing to another party bus service is one of the cheapest and you will still have the chance to drive in luxury party bus. Remember that the price depends on the day of the week, availability and also the duration of the trip. By choosing the reliable company, you will definitely get the best service available.
In my years of experience of work in a party bus rental company I have been asked frequently about the prices and if there are possible ways to get the lowest price. So, I am telling you that you don’t need to worry if you are on a budget. There are options that most companies are offering and you can look into them. So, if you want to pay a lower price you need to be careful when you are booking. Avoid renting a party bus in early spring and until the end of the summer, holidays and weekends too. If it is not just you that is planning the party, if it is not a surprise party, then you will have the option to split the price between those who will ride along. You will always have options. The only thing is to ask the company what are their options, because it varies from company to company.

Approximate pricing for renting a party bus

To know at least how the price is going I will tell you the approximate price of renting a party bus. In all the package service are included unlimited stops, fully stocked bar with champagne and beer (this is not for proms of course) and unlimited pick-up locations.

Monday thru Thursday for the first 4 hours is about $160 and every additional hour is $100-$110. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are 270$ each and every additional hour $150. According to these rates, the price of the bus rental is:

4 hours – Monday – Thursday $640, Friday-Sunday $1080
6 hours – Monday – Thursday $860, Friday-Sunday $1380
8 hours – Monday – Thursday $1080, Friday-Sunday $1680
10 hours – Monday – Thursday $1300, Friday-Sunday $1980
12 hours – Monday – Thursday $1520, Friday-Sunday $2280

For every party bus rent, there is a non refundable deposit that is paid when you are booking the bus. The price varies depending on the price and package chosen. The lowest goes for a $200 deposit and the highest is $700. The non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve the vehicle so to be taken off the market.

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Advantages of Renting a Party Bus

Price benefits

Today, more and more people are renting party bus Chicago and I was wondering why. To see why, when I was throwing a party with my friends we rented a party bus for six hours. We are 6 best friends that always want to have a great party.
So as the number of people the first advantage we got from renting a Chicago party bus was the price rate. For six hours on Friday, the price is a bit expensive, about $1300 with a deposit of $400. With that price, each of us needed to pay $216. It was wonderful. The luxury and entertainment for just $216 it was nothing.

What is included in the price?

Other benefits that were included in the price were unlimited stops, stocked bar, great TV, amazing sound system and a professional driver for a safe ride. We were able to drink as much as we want not worrying who will be driving back.

It was a transportation that we needed to start to practice it long time ago. Now when we are able to pay for the bus we always get one. Low price, luxury and we looked cool.

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